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Improve your team’s skills in Arabic to achieve your business goals

Reach Your Goals with AlifBee Arabic Lessons for Business

Provide superior customer support

Enhance your customer experience by speaking their language.


Increase the revenue

Remove language barriers among your employees to become more efficient.


Operate more efficiently as a global organisation

Increase productivity of your sales teams by speaking the language of the locals.


Learning Arabic for International Business has Never Been Easier

Our corporate Arabic language courses are based on a highly effective language training methodology that ensures spectacular results.

AlifBee in Numbers

1 000 000


500 000

Hours spent

15 000 000

Words learned

100 000 000

Exercises done

Easy Onboarding

Start learning Arabic for business from any level.

Learning Content to Meet any Needs

AlifBee business Arabic lessons are created by a team of expert linguists to ensure efficient language training. The course content and sequence of activities are tailored to drive learning outcomes faster than traditional methods and allow you to personalise the learning path of each user.

We are Trusted

Andrzej Sapkowski, CEO

I am a student of Arabic and I have downloaded many apps and books, watched videos and spoke to native speakers, however, AlifBee seems to be the easiest method of learning Arabic. Learning is repetitive so you really get a handle on the functions and words, plus the app is very easy to use. In fact, I find it quite addicting. I really love how it introduces new words seamlessly so that you don't feel overwhelmed. This app is 10/10 and it’s a must-have for those who want to learn Arabic!

Rebecca A., teacher of Arabic

I’m a teacher of Arabic and I must admit that AlifBee is my real helper at work. Now I don’t need to design multiple exercises or browse the net in search of activities to match my students’ level. I have a whopping number of exercises available at any time, from any device. Also, I find the app quite useful for mixed-ability classes: it often happens that some students finish the task earlier than others and I need to quickly provide them with some extra exercise so that they don’t get bored, and this is where AlifBee comes in handy.

Marie Lewkowicz

In our company, we need Arabic for work, and I want to say that getting AlifBee for Enterprise was one of the best solutions of our manager. It’s easy to use, and we feel we’re making progress.

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Bring your team’s skills to the next level with AlifBee Arabic language training for organizations.



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